An Introduction to Pesticides -by George W. Ware and David M. Whitacre

Key crop / pest complexes in the diverse cropping systems of the Southwest and their FQPA-threatened insecticides (“high-risk”), conventional and reduced risk alternatives. -by Palumbo, J.C. and P.C. Ellsworth

Hazard From Herbicide Used in Previous Crop -by Barry Tickes (PDF, 26KB)

Herbicide Symptoms -by Pat Clay, Kai Umeda and Bill McCloskey (PDF, 4.2MB) An overview of herbicides, their classification, mode of action, and target weeds are provided along with photos of symptoms. A presentation.

Herbicide Symptom Key -by Pat Clay and Bill McCloskey

Herbicide Resistance -by Ron Vargas

Pesticide Application Equipment
Air-Assisted Electrostatic Application of Pyrethroid and Endosulfan Mixtures for Sweetpotato Whitefly Control and Spray Deposition in Cauliflower -by John Palumbo and Wayne Coates

Deposition and Efficacy of Capture and Thiodan Applied to Melons Using Several Application Technologies -by John Palumbo and Wayne Coates

Personal Protection Equipment

License Status

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