Preplant and Preemergence Dinitroaniline Herbicides in Cotton (PDF, 2.68MB) February 2013
Dinitroaniline (DNA or “yellow”) preemergence residual herbicide at the beginning of the cotton season provides a foundation for season-long weed management. The discovery of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth in central Arizona last year underscores the importance of diversity in weed control tactics. This short outlines effective use practices for DNA herbicides.

Increasing Glyphosate Activity (PDF, 322KB) July 2011
A guide to the many glyphosate products available, and steps you can take to maximize their efficacy.

An Impending Disaster for Arizona Cotton? Glyphosate Resistant Palmer Amaranth (PDF, 2.35MB) July 2012
A probable case of glyphosate (Roundup) resistant Palmer Amaranth (i.e., carelessweed or pigweed) has been discovered in an Arizona cotton field where glyphosate was the only herbicide used. Seed collection and testing is underway to confirm this conclusion. This short highlights important actions growers can take.

Considering Roundup Ready™ Alfalfa (PDF, 1.38MB) October 2011
Now available for planting — should you consider Roundup Ready alfalfa? This guide describes the advantages and disadvantages of planting Roundup Ready alfalfa and also outlines application rates.

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