Crop Management

Accessing Current Weather Conditions
Paul Brown, Extension Specialist, Biometeorology, put together a brief document describing how to access current weather conditions from AZMET

Wheat and Barley Varieties for Arizona 2013 (link)
The publication contains information of different characteristics of number on wheat and barley varieties sold in Arizona. The trials illustrated in this publication have been conducted in Maricopa, Pinal, and Yuma counties. By Mike Ottoman

2013 Nondormant Alfalfa Varieties for Arizona (PDF, 403KB)
-by Mike Ottoman

Summer Slump in Alfalfa (PDF)
Important management information for your alfalfa crop.

Fertilizing Small Grains (PDF, 432KB) December 2011
Guidelines are provided for rates and timing for fertilization of small grains

Defoliation Timing (PDF, 778KB) August 2011
While several methods may be used to determine the best timing for application of defoliants, efficiency can be enhanced by using a combination of these recommended methods.

Small Grain Planting Dates and Rates (PDF, 356KB) December 2011
Planting at the optimum time is probably the most important cultural practice in producing high yields of small grains. This guide discusses the impact of planting dates and seeding rates on yields and the probability of frost damage.

Choosing Harvest Aid Chemicals (PDF, 334KB) September 2011
Different types of harvest aids are available to defoliate cotton and prepare the plants for a successful harvest. This guide identifies the types, rates and seasonal limits for various harvest aids.

Working with “High” Cotton (PDF, 692KB) July 2011
This guide outlines available mepiquat chloride products and related plant growth regulators (PGRs) for use in Arizona cotton.

Pre-Plant Soil Testing for Small Grains (PDF, 893KB) November 2011
For profitable production of small grains, pre-plant soil testing is critical. This guide explains how to take samples and how much fertilizer to apply, based on results.

Small Grain Irrigation (PDF, 413KB) December 2011
This guide discusses irrigation issues for small grains production.

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