The 2021 UArizona Cooperative Extension Field Crops “Clinics”

We had the UArizona Cooperative Extension Field Crops “Clinics” on January 27, 2021, our first event in 2021. Here’re links to presentation recordings and presentations of these clinics, as well as the Arizona Pest Management Center (Field Crops) YouTube Channel.

  • Management Approaches for Alfalfa Weevil – Dr. Ayman Mostafa, Mr. Kyle Harrington
  • Pesticide Registration Review Update – Dr. Al Fournier
  • Trends in Cotton Insect Management & What’s Next? – Dr. Peter Ellsworth, Ms. Naomi Pier, Ms. Isadora Bordini
  • Managing Pests and Crop Growth for Optimum Cotton Production in Arizona – Dr. Randy Norton
  • Cotton Disease Identification and Management – Dr. Jiahuai “Alex” Hu
  • Resistant Palmer Amaranth Control – Mr. Blase Evancho
  • Recent Weather/Climate and La Niña/Seasonal Outlook for Spring – Dr. Mike Crimmins
  • Small Grain Growth and Development – Dr. Mike Ottman
  • Improving Alfalfa Yield with Applications of Balanced P and K Fertilizers – Dr. Worku Burayu, Dr. Ayman Mostafa
  • On-Line Resources to Make Digital Zone Management Maps – Dr. Pedro Andrade Sanchez
  • Market Outlook and Policy Considerations – Dr. Russ Tronstad

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