Ag Team

The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Agriculture Team are research professinals with responsibilities in agriculture row crops. The goal is to provide producers, consultants, and other industry professionals within the state of Arizona current research and information that can help them achieve profitability.

Ayman Mostafa
Area Assistant Agent, Agriculture

Pedro Andrade
Assistant Specialist Precision Ag, Assistant Professor

Lydia Brown
Assistant in Extension, Agronomic Crops IPM

Paul Brown
Biometeorology Specialist

Wayne A. Dixon II
Assistant in Extension, IPM Assessment – Pesticide Education

Peter C. Ellsworth
IPM Specialist

Al Fournier
IPM Program Manager; Assistant Specialist in Entomology

Shawna Loper
Assistant Area Agent, Agriculture

Michael E. Matheron
Extension Plant Pathologist and Research Scientist

William McCloskey
Weed Science Specialist

Kurt D. Nolte
Yuma County Extension Director/Area Agent & Director, Yuma Agricultural Center

Randy Norton
Resident Director, Safford Ag Center & Area Associate Agent/ANR

Mary Olsen
Associate Specialist

Mike Ottman
Agronomy Specialist

Monica Kilcullen Pastor
Associate Programmatic Area Agent, Agricultural Literacy & School Garden Food Safety

Marco Pena

Russell Tronstad
Extension Economist

Kai Umeda
Area Agent, ANR/Turfgrass

Peter Warren
Associate Agent, Urban Horticulture

Kelly Murray Young
Assistant Agent, ANR/Horticulture

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