Planting Date Management -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth and Paul W. Brown (PDF, 28KB)

Plant Population Evaluation/Management for Cotton -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 28KB)

Management Considerations for Short Season Cotton in Arizona (PDF, 42KB)

Making Replant Decisions in Cotton -by R. Boman and R. Lemon, Texas Cooperative Extension Service. Note: these guidelines were developed for Texas production systems. Dates, recommendations and other specific information may not be accurate for cotton production in Arizona or other regions. (PDF, 341 KB)

Agronomic Guidelines for Pima Cotton in Arizona (PDF, 36KB)

Early Season Development
Diseases and Production Problems of Cotton in Arizona -by Mary Olson and Jeffery C. Silvertooth (PDF, 909KB)

Early Cotton Development -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 26KB)

Early Season Crop Management -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 31KB)

Managing Growth
Assessing Cotton Yield Loss to Hail Damage in Southern Arizona -by Guangyao (Sam) Wang (PDF, 1.1MB)

Commercially available cotton height-controlling PGRs in Arizona -by Guangyao (Sam) Wang and E. Randall Norton (PDF, 759KB)

Cotton Heat Stress (PDF, 1.2MB)

Crop Management for Optimum Fiber Quality and Yield -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 21KB)

Determining the Mainstem Node Number for Cotton -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth and Paul W. Brown (PDF, 30KB)

Estimating Fruit Retention – Procedure -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 36KB)

Estimating Fruit Retention -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 36KB)

Estimating the Vegetative Reproductive Balance in Cotton Growth -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 32KB)

Following Cotton Development Over the Fruiting Cycle -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 33KB)

Height to Node Ratio – Procedure -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 33KB)

Management of Fertilizer Nitrogen in Arizona Cotton Production -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth, Felix Ayala and E. Randall Norton (PDF, 1.1MB)

Mepiquat Chloride (MC) Application Guidelines for Arizona Cotton -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 47KB)

End of Season
Boll Maturity Dates for Late Season Cotton Flowers -by Paul W. Brown and Jeffery C. Silvertooth (PDF, 320KB)

Choosing Harvest Aid Chemicals for Arizona Cotton -by Guangyao (Sam) Wang, Randy Norton and Shawna Loper (PDF, 515KB)

Crop Management for Defoliation -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 27KB)

Deciding on the Final Irrigation -by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth (PDF, 35KB)

Defoliation of Pima Cotton (PDF, 40KB)

Defoliation Timing for Arizona Cotton -by E. Randall Norton, Guangyao (Sam) Wang and S. Loper (PDF, 949KB)

Physiology of Cotton Defoliation (PDF, 349KB)

Use of PPO Herbicides as a Cotton Harvest Aid -by Patrick Clay (PDF, 21KB)

Irrigation and Soil
For information about irrigation, click here.

For information about soil, click here.

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