Cotton Insecticide Use Guide, Knowing and Balancing Risks

This is another IPM short, and is the result of many seasons of critical work on non-targets and efficacy of cotton insecticides. It’s that time of the season where many insecticide applications will be made in cotton, making this the perfect opportunity to share this important information on making insecticide spray decisions based on what we know about the risks associated with certain chemistries. Each insecticide decision carries with it a variable combination of risks. Isadora Bordini, Al Fournier, Steve Naranjo, Naomi Pier, and Peter Ellsworth have developed this guide in the hopes of aiding field managers in this, sometimes difficult, decision making process. This two page guide includes a table of cotton insecticides commonly used and information on their selectivity, efficacy, and associated risks along with a page that explains how the table is to be used and an explanation of how to interpret the information in order to identify, balance and prioritize all insecticide risks, by considering each spray decision on a case-by-case basis to fit the unique requirements of a situation.

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