Say Stink Bugs

L.M. Brown & P.C. Ellsworth
Recently, high densities of Say Stink Bugs have been reported in Central Arizona. On April 4, Fox News 10 ran a story about “beetles” taking over a Buckeye neighborhood. After a trip to the neighborhood and surrounding areas, we identified them as Say Stink Bug nymphs and concluded that they were coming out of Russian thistle (tumbleweed), which had recently dried down just outside the neighborhood. On April 22, we collected large numbers of Say Stink Bug adults out of a barley field in the Casa Grande area. It is unclear how much damage they cause in small grains; however, they are easily found in wheat and triticale as well. The populations of Say Stink Bug in central Arizona are likely well synchronized this time of year, with most individuals at the same life stage.



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