Section 18 Provision for Topguard

Ayman Mostafa
Arizona now has a section 18 provision for Topguard in cotton for root rot. Cotton root rot occurs in all the cotton growing areas of Arizona. Several are severely affected by cotton root rot and may limit cotton production including the Safford Valley, Marana to the Santa Cruz flats areas south and east of Eloy, and areas around Florence. Topguard will be used as a soil applied fungicide at planting to control root rot of cotton caused by the fungus Phymatotrichum omnivorum.
According to Arizona Department of Agriculture (ADA), anyone wanting to use this product must apply to ADA to get a permit. In order for you to sell to them, they must have the permit from ADA. The applicant will get the actual Section 18 labeling from ADA as well. Click Here for the permit application.
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